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ao3 site 001

i haven't been here in forEVER but some people may have noticed i still come back to help with edits. i'm still around... i just don't RP anymore, so i'm not on DW anymore. Much.

anyway, here's something foooorrr... AO3!! bc i'm still writing, and i figured it's High Time i had my own nice little layout. i Don't think the news pages are formatted, but i don't really read them so i'm not sure.

edit: major updates to the code. removed custom font sizes because it was interfering with the automatic scaling in ao3's base code for mobile settings. also beat off the buttons modifications aside from color and stuff, because it was annoying trying to get All The Buttons To Match. also fixed issue where the sidebar on other peoples' pages wasn't showing up properly.

violet lines

dropdown list width adjusts to length of line because i couldn't get the text to wrap to next line

dashboard view

fic posts

anyway, here's wonderwall..... actual fic page

series page

bookmarks view

browsing (not my current fandom but i like 1/2 prince so whatever)

stupid funky, i'll fix that At Some Point (who even uses their inbox anyway?? ...side-eyes self)

code. et tu, linkus?
features. flat colors + white text on color. please replace with a dark-ish color for maximum readability. all body copy color is default, the only thing changed the navigation tools, edit buttons, and links (including headers that are links, but regular headers are left alone).

accent: #464175
headers: 'Lucida Sans Unicode'
body: 'Tahoma'

there is a separate chunk of code for making the header affixed on screen always, or leave it at the top of the page.
credit. not required, but crediting [community profile] pastries or ~esquitor would be nice.