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a scarlet thing ([personal profile] chimney) wrote in [community profile] pastries2014-01-24 12:33 pm
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table codes 015

wow, who is even still here HAHAHA but no hello lovelies. the need/desire to do a cr chart for sauron prompts a code dump, of course. it even scrolls.

word vomit


each section is a div group inside a td cell. there are 3 cells to a row. just copy the tr to get three more!
features. background url pattern from customize that shit. recommend using the resize option to resize to least 50%, depending on the pattern.
icon drop shadow: #808784 (there's two of these per icon, so make sure to change both.)
text background: #fff
text color: name is #000, series is #555. body text is default #000 (it's not in the code)
credit. please credit [community profile] pastries somewhere!

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